The Natural Advantage of Nations: Business Opportunities, Innovations and Governance in the 21st Century

Earthscan, 2013 - 576 pages
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This book is more than just a 'palliative care' guide for the planet - it is about innovation, solutions, competitiveness and profitability. At work, at home and as members of society, our generation has an opportunity - to be part of the obligation - and an exciting solution in restoring the balance. The authors present a bold vision for the future and demonstrate how we can get there, drawing on lessons of competitive advantage theory and the latest in sustainability, economics, innovation, business and governance theory and practice. The result is nothing less than the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to date, to building the new ecologically sustainable economy. For further information about The Natural Edge Project and to view the book's online companion, visit

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The Need for a New Paradigm
Natural Advantage A Business Imperative
Achieving a Natural Advantage of Nations
Sustainable Cities The Challenge of the 21st Century
A National Collaborative Approach The Bigger Picture Building Resilience
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I think it's a great project and I wish it every success'DAVID SUZUKI OC award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster'This is world-leading work - the team deserves the loudest acclamation possible'BARRY J. GREAR AO President 2006, World Federation of Engineering Organizations'Anyone interested in the practical details of building a bright green future needs to read this book. It's an absolutely critical overview of our progress towards sustainability thus far, 500+ information-packed pages on what's working best This is a book I'll be coming back to again and again'ALEX STEFFEN,'This volume pulls together thirty of the top thinkers in sustainability for a provocative and stimulating journey that happens to be easy to read. The industrialized world needs to focus not just on sustainable development but also on 'sustainable re-development', which would shift the focus from solving environmental problems to eliminating them'CYNTHIA D. CHURCHWELL business information librarian at Baker Library, Harvard Business School'A must-read for anyone serious about understanding the global phenomenon and trend of sustainable development. This comprehensive and well-documented book shows specific examples of how sustainable innovation can and needs to transform our globally linked society and economy'KAREN WAN GreenPlants Program Director, Chicago Manufacturing Center'What I found in reading the book was how the pursuit of sustainable development, whether on a small scale in domestic organizations or on a national or international scale, is no walk into the unknown. In a host of areas solutions already exist and are being implemented around the world by companies, governments and by social groupings. All this the book provides through relevant and successful solutions'SIR NINIAN STEPHEN, Former Governor General of Australia'It is a great book following up on findings we published in Factor Four and linking it all to the business community I shall quote Hargroves and Smith'PROF. DR. ERNST VON WEIZS CKER author of Limits to Privatization and Factor Four'It is widely understood that we must shift towards a sustainable future, and increasingly it is agreed that in order to do so we must move beyond rhetoric and into hard-edged, pragmatic forward steps. This book is a vital contribution to that forward movement, and I commend it to you'STEVE MORTON Group Chair, Environment and Natural Resources, Commonwealth Scientificand Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)

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